Parenting Roundabout Podcast: Varsity Letters and Good Intentions

Remember the story that was going around Facebook about a young athlete with special needs whose mom bought him a varsity letter jacket and whose school made him stop wearing it? Amanda had a chat with Charlie Zegers, who writes about sports and also about parenting kids on the autism spectrum, on whether buying a kid a letter to honor participation on a non-varsity team is something parents ought to be doing, however well-meaning and understandable such an effort may be.

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Special needs kids try out Knicks’ training center

GREENBURGH — About 150 amateur basketball players filled the Knicks’ training courts on Sunday, shooting for the hoops, while keeping a higher goal in mind.

They faced off in a round-robin tournament to benefit Backyard Sports Cares, which offers children with autism and other special needs.“We all play in our schoolyards and our driveways, with the vision of playing in a professional sports facility,” said Danny Bernstein, head coach and executive director the organization.

Youngsters from Backyard Sports Cares got to show their hoops skills, too. And several former Knicks, including John Wallace and Earl “The Pearl” Monroe, came to lend support.

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