Autism Awareness: Research, Characteristics and Diagnosis

Host Tony Fappiano discusses the latest research into autism – including the placenta study that may allow for much earlier detection – as well as the impact of the DSM-V. Featured guests include:

  • Dr. George M. Anderson, senior research scientist at the Yale Child Study Center
  • Sara Reed, Autism Services and Resources of Connecticut

Video produced by Tony Fappiano and directed by Donald Baechler for Guilford Community Television.

Autism Awareness: Dr. Fred Volkmar

Ninth in a series of Autism Awareness programs produced by Guilford Community Television. This program features interviews with:

  • Dr. Fred Volkmar, Director of the Yale University Child Study Center
  • Sara Reed, ASCONN

Topics include:

  • Changes in the DSM-V
  • The ABLE Act
  • General discussion of autism spectrum disorders and their characteristics