Boyz II Men star Shawn Stockman starts Autism Charity

Autism Awareness month is in the books. The blue lightbulbs are getting switched out for soft white, and the puzzle-pin car magnets will be a bit less prevalent.

And families of kids with autism and related disorders will continue to struggle to pay for much-needed services.

Lots of people are now aware of the scary numbers… the 1-in-88 odds of an autism diagnosis. But do they know exactly how much families on the spectrum have to pay for services like speech or OT? Or that even top-of-the-line private insurance rarely deigns to pick up the tab?

Singer Shawn Stockman understands – one of his sons has autism.

“We learned through our journey with Micah just how fortunate we were, having money,” he said. “There’s no way a normal couple or a single mom could afford this,” Stockman said.

Stockman and his wife are starting a new charity – named for his son – to help families deal with the economic issues associated with an autism diagnosis.

via Boyz II Men star Shawn Stockman on his son’s autism: ‘There’s  no way a normal couple or a single mom could afford this’  – NY Daily News.

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