The Bully Project

The Bully Project, the production and social action campaign team behind the documentary BULLY, has relied almost entirely on creative social media for their bullying awareness campaign. The Bully Project seeks to catalyze audience awareness to action and end the bullying crisis for good.

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Combating Bullying

It has been suggested that children with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) are especially vulnerable to bullying. The Interactive Autism Network (IAN) is now sharing initial results of a national survey on the bullying experiences of children on the autism spectrum. The findings show that children with ASD are bullied at a very high rate, and are also often intentionally “triggered” into meltdowns or aggressive outbursts by ill-intentioned peers.

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A Boy, Some Bullies and Autism

We’ve been incredibly lucky… so far. Our son’s classmates have been absolutely wonderful. But I know I’ll be able to tell a similar story to this one eventually…

Ever since the age of 18 months, he’s been the hardest working kid I’ve ever met—logging 40-50 hour work-weeks in speech, occupational and all other types of therapies, in an effort to better navigate the world with autism.

And what he wants more than anything in the world is something simple—an invitation to a birthday party or a phone call asking, “Can Jessie come over to hang out?”

But Jessie’s phone doesn’t ever ring.

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