Autism Awareness: Research, Characteristics and Diagnosis

Host Tony Fappiano discusses the latest research into autism – including the placenta study that may allow for much earlier detection – as well as the impact of the DSM-V. Featured guests include:

  • Dr. George M. Anderson, senior research scientist at the Yale Child Study Center
  • Sara Reed, Autism Services and Resources of Connecticut

Video produced by Tony Fappiano and directed by Donald Baechler for Guilford Community Television.

Ribbon Cutting at Roses for Autism

Coverage of the official ribbon-cutting ceremony at Roses for Autism, a Guilford, Connecticut rose farm that not only provides individuals on the autism spectrum the chance to learn the skills necessary to maintain meaningful employment, but also serves as a model that can be replicated nationwide to develop unique opportunities for them as a whole new competitive workforce.

Guest include:

  • Thomas Fanning, Ability Beyond Disability
  • Lori Gregan, Roses for Autism
  • Connecticut State Representative Patricia Widlitz
  • Tom Pinchbeck, Pinchbeck Rose Farm
  • Jim Lyman
  • Guilford First Selectman Jim Mazza
  • Connecticut State Senator Ed Meyer
  • and Connecticut Governor Daniel P. Malloy

For more information on Roses for Autism, please visit their website at

Video produced by Tony Fappiano for Guilford Community Television.

Autism Awareness: What Happens When They Grow Up?

The fifth in GCTV’s Autism Awareness series, focusing on adults living with autism spectrum disorders.

Guests include:

  • Sara Reed, ASCONN
  • Thomas Fanning, President and CEO, Abilities Beyond Disability
  • James Lyman, Pinchbeck Rose Farm
  • Anthony Recck, Special Needs Financial Planner, Barnum Financial Group

Video produced by Tony Fappiano and directed by Donald Baechler for Guilford Community Television.

Autism Awareness: Definitions, Causes, Therapies and the Economy

Part III of GCTV’s ongoing series on autism awareness. This video focuses on basic information about autism and autism spectrum disorders, potential causes, different options for therapy, and a discussion of the economy and its impact on all of the above.

Guests include:

  • Dr. Mariannne Barton, University of Connecticut
  • Dr. Robert Nolfo, Guilford Pediatrics
  • Sara Reed, ASCONN
  • Michelle Guerra, Parent

Video hosted and produced by Tony Fappiano, directed by Donald Baecher for Guilford Community Television.

Autism Awareness: Growing Older with Autism

Part IV in a series – this video focuses on the challenges people with autism may face as they reach high school and beyond. Guests include:

  • Jaime French – Step Forward Program, Gateway Community College
  • Allene Nicolari – Coordinator of Special Education, Guilford High School
  • Sara Reed – Autism Society of Connecticut

Produced for Guilford Community Television by Tony Fappiano

Autism Awareness: An Introduction

The first in a series of discussions of autism and autism spectrum disorders, produced by Tony Fappiano of Guilford Community Television.

Topics include:

  • Theories on causes and contributing factors
  • Real life experiences of families affected by autism
  • Therapies, are they available and are they affordable?
  • The role of the public school system
  • Medical treatments and early intervention
  • Legislative issues