Parenting Roundabout: Structuring the Summer

Summer presents a challenging amount of time to fill for any parent, but when your child needs routine and structure to make it through the day, finding predictable ways to fill that time is a particular concern. Terri chats with Charlie Zegers, who writes about sports and also about parenting kids on the autism spectrum, about strategies for a successful summer, including camps that can accommodate your child, structured time at home, and activities like bowling, fishing, kayaking, going to movies, catching a baseball game, and maybe even taking in some theater.

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Parenting Roundabout Podcast: Kids, Computers, and Unacceptable Age-Appropriateness

On the one hand, as parents of kids with special needs, we’re desperate for them to do the things their age peers are doing. We want them to be adept at the tools of the world today and fluent in the language of our times. On the other hand, don’t lie and stop cursing and don’t make secret social media accounts, and get away from that computer and stop playing video games and put down that phone. Amanda chats with Charlie Zegers, who writes about sports and also about parenting kids on the autism spectrum, about how you tease out what’s the condition and what’s the age, and how to discipline without stamping out important developmental progress. Are we expecting more from kids on the autism spectrum than we’d expect from typical kids, as’s autism expert Lisa Jo Rudy asked in an article on her site? Or should we be expecting more from typical kids? Listen in for some good food for thought on parenting on and off the spectrum (and if you’re interested in getting your kids coding, the sites referred to are Scratch and Game Salad). If you’re reading this somewhere without hyperlinks, come to for the full recap experience.

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Minecraft Welcomes Autistic Players Through AutCraft

Autism Blogger Stuart Duncan, a parent of an autistic son and enthusiast of Minecraft got together with some other parents of autistic children to created a server solely dedicated to those with autism, known as is “the first Minecraft server committed to providing a safe, fun [learning] environment for children on the autism spectrum and their families,” as stated on the homepage of their website.

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Special needs kids try out Knicks’ training center

GREENBURGH — About 150 amateur basketball players filled the Knicks’ training courts on Sunday, shooting for the hoops, while keeping a higher goal in mind.

They faced off in a round-robin tournament to benefit Backyard Sports Cares, which offers children with autism and other special needs.“We all play in our schoolyards and our driveways, with the vision of playing in a professional sports facility,” said Danny Bernstein, head coach and executive director the organization.

Youngsters from Backyard Sports Cares got to show their hoops skills, too. And several former Knicks, including John Wallace and Earl “The Pearl” Monroe, came to lend support.

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Why Sensory Play is Important

Was speaking to a woman with Asperger’s the other day, who mentioned that smells can be a big trigger for her.

I guess that shouldn’t have surprised me, but it did… I always think of sights and (especially) sounds as potential triggers for my son; it never occurred to me that smells could be just as important.

Amanda Roth Morin of has some more information on sensory play and how it can help kids on the spectrum and off.

Some people, when they think of sensory play, immediately picture sand and water tables or kids playing with clay and playdough. But sensory play isn’t all about touch, it’s also about the other senses, too.


For instance, the sharp scent of vinegar involved in a science experiment or the colors of water during a color mixing experiment or the texture and smells of scratch and sniff painting are all part of appealing to your child’s senses.

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