About this Site

My wife and I have been “on the spectrum” since mid-November of 2006, when our son’s pre-K teacher told us, “He hasn’t said a word since he arrived at school in September.”

(If you’re wondering why she waited until November to share that potentially vital piece of information… so am I.)

Since that day, our life has been an alphabet soup of IEPs and SEPTAs, ASDs and CPSEs. It’s daunting. It’s difficult. But we’ve managed to survive this far…

Giving Back

Back then, we didn’t know where to turn for information about our son’s challenges or where we could find help. Since then we’ve learned a lot… from how to handle the dreaded CSE meeting, to the special allowances major theme parks make for kids with autism spectrum disorders, to places where you can get a haircut, or a teeth cleaning for a kid that has a lot of trouble sitting still. Much of what we’ve learned has come from parents with similar challenges.

This site is a way to pass that information along.

Parent Spectrum is in its infancy right now. So far, we’ve got a series of videos, produced by Tony Fappiano for Guilford Community Television, intended to raise awareness of autism and discuss many of the issues that kids, parents and communities will face. These programs are too valuable have their audience limited to a small-ish town on the Connecticut shoreline.

We’ve also got the beginning of a directory of web sites, businesses and other services that have proven valuable to us over the years.

Get Involved

No web site is ever “finished.” We’ll keep adding more content and more features over time. And we’d love for other parents to get involved. If you’d like to add a link to our directory, go right ahead. If you’d like to tell your own story, or share some information that you think will be valuable to other parents and families, we’d love to hear from you.


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